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Assistance for developing predictive models in ecotoxicology

ContractInternship PlaceL'Isle d'Abeau, France (approx. 20 km from Lyon) Publishing date2019-10-16 Start dateASAP

Assistance for developing predictive models in ecotoxicology

Scope: Under the REACH regulation (1) aquatic ecotoxicity is generally measured using experimental methods following OECD guidelines (section 2) (2). However, these tests can be time-consuming and expensive to perform. To help the chemical industry limit experimentation in vertebrates according to the 3Rs principles (Replace – Reduce – Refine), KREATiS develops in silico alternatives to animal testing. The aim of KREATiS is to provide predictions from validated in silico models (3) which are as accurate as reliable laboratory studies.

Work execution: This internship aims to bring help for the developing of predictive models in ecotoxicology performed by KREATiS team. After getting acquainted with the subject, the intern will collect data in ecotoxicology and physicochemistry and will assess the reliability of the studies according to regulatory norms (OECD guidelines and Klimisch score system). Then, the data will be integrated into the internal database of the company. The intern will participate in (Q)SAR models development and statistical validation in order to implement them in iSafeRat® software. Finally, the intern will take part in an R&D internal project dedicated to exploring the predictability of a novel modelling strategy to predict endocrine disruption effects on aquatic organisms, notably fish.


- data mining and reliability assessment of physicochemical and aquatic ecotoxicological data;

- internal database management;

- predictive model development in ecotoxicology (QSAR models training and statistical validation);

- bibliographic search for data about endocrine disruption effects of chemicals to fish.

Skills and knowledge required: Organic Chem, Statistics, Database, REACH, English, Ecotoxicology

If you are interested, please send CV together with a cover letter to


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