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Kreatis replacing experimentation for reach - REACH alternative laboratory testing
Meet KREATiS at ESTIV2018 
Stand #9  

KREATiS is pleased to annonce that will be attending the forthcoming ESTIV conference 2018. The general theme of the Congress this year is “New approach methodologies for in vitro toxicology applications” and is being held in Berlin. Come and meet the team at Stand number 9. CEHTRA, will also be present.

One Day Training Course 
Replacing experimentation using Read-across and QSAR modelling 



►  Understanding the OECD QSAR Toolbox interface and functionalities.

►  Be able to use the tool to obtain profiling and Read-Across/QSAR predictions for various physicochemical, ecotoxicological and human health endpoints.

►  To assess the reliablity in predictions derived using the OECD QSAR Toolbox.

► To generate prediction reports for the read-across and QSAR results.


►  Toxicologists and Ecotoxicologists

►  QSAR and Read-across experts

►  REACH consultants


PRICE per participant, including meal

►  Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux: €1100 excl. VAT


►  1 day


►  French

► English


Part 1


•Introduction to OECD QSAR Toolbox
•Overview of all the tool functionalities. 

Part 2

Profiling and category formation

•Introduction to profiling and category formation approaches in the tool

Part 3

Read-Across and QSAR predictions

•Physicochemical endpoints
•Ecotoxicological and environmental endpoints
•Human health endpoints
•Training participants can choose the endpoints and the chemical structures to be used as case studies.

Part 4

Read-Across/QSAR prediction reports

•Generation of prediction reports which could be used for regulatory purposes.
Publication of computation toxicology article by KREATiS on MechoAs 
High-accuracy prediction of mechanisms of action using structural alerts 

Our own Franklin Bauer and Paul Thomas have just had an article published by Elsevier on computational toxicology. You may contact Kreatis to obtain a FREE PDF copy of the full article.


• A new method to predict MechoAs from the structure has been developed.

• This method is a decision tree using structural alerts.

• It achieves >91% correct classifications for both training and validation sets.

• It is applicable to both mammal and aquatic toxicology, for organic chemicals.

• This method has been implemented in a freely accessible online tool (IsafeRat online)
Kreatis, Knowledge & research in environment and toxicology in silico - QSAR REACH alternative
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