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DAMIER, one of 5 R&D projects approved by AXELERA has been retained for the 17th FUI call for projects.

DAMIER: (Développement et applications de modèles informatiques pour REACH) meaning Development and application of in Silico models for REACH.

June 13, 2014

On Monday 26th May, the Ministries in charge of competitivety clusters policy announced funding for 65 new R&D projects for governmental support amounting to € 50 million under the 17th FUI call for projects. Among these include the project DAMIER, a QSAR project approved by AXELERA.

The objective of the DAMIER project is to replace current experimental studies needed for chemicals registration under REACH regulation using computer modelling of physicochemical and ecotoxicological properties. This work is based on the use of Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR) models which provide three main benefits:

- to reduce cost of REACH dossiers (up to - 40%)

- to reduce study duration (at least 3 months for experimental studies compared to just a few days for QSAR studies)

- to limit use of animal experimentation (especially fish).

Even if QSARs are recommended by European CHemicals Agency (ECHA), the majority of currently available models have been designed for screening purpose and are therefore considered unacceptable to replace experimental studies because of lack of accuracy. This project aims to develop high accuracy QSARs based on experimental data of high quality via:

- (re)evaluation of the reliability of thousands of available data in existing databases,

- procuration of data from new, innovative and reliable experimental methods (some of which generated by DAMIER).

The project DAMIER includes five partners: Two SMEs, KREATiS (leader) and Processium; the Institut des Sciences Analytiques (ISA); the Laboratoires des Pyrénées et des Landes (LPL) and Rovaltain Research Company. The project will last 36 months with a global budget of € 1.9 million.

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