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KREATiS QMRF published in the JRC QSAR Database

December 08, 2014

KREATiS was informed last week by the EU Joint Research Centre (JRC), in Ispra, that its QMRF report ‘iSafeRat® High Accuracy QSAR for physicochemical and ecotoxicological endpoints’ has been peer-reviewed and published in the JRC QSAR database with the following registration number: Q19-46-41-422. For those who aren’t aware of this tool, this database is maintained at the JRC and includes all QMRF reports that has been quality controlled by the JRC, verifying that they have been properly documented. The JRC intends to help users to identify valid QSARs with this database (for example, for REACH purposes).  For further information, visit Please note that the JRC is currently making some changes to this database.

KREATiS would like to inform you that from now on, this QMRF ID will be quoted in the report each time a prediction has been made for a client using the iSafeRat HA-QSARs for the following endpoints:

a)n-Octanol Water Partition Coefficient

b)Water Solubility

c)Acute aquatic toxicity to Fish, Daphnia and Algae

KREATiS intends to submit new QMRFs for other endpoints (Vapour Pressure, chronic aquatic toxicity to Fish, Daphnia  and Algae) in the near future to the JRC database. KREATiS will continue to make every effort to provide the highest level of scientific and regulatory recognition to our model predictions.

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