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KREATiS has been awarded the NC3Rs CRACK-IT QSARs Mix Challenge

March 01, 2015

We are pleased to announce that KREATiS has been awarded the QSARs Mix Challenge under the NC3Rs CRACK-IT programme. The aim of this challenge is to deliver a QSAR model that will be able to reliably predict the potential of chemical mixtures to cause skin and eye irritation. KREATiS and CEHTRA will be working together to deliver this project and have been awarded a total funding amount of nearly £100,000 to carry out this research work sponsored by Shell. The deliverables of this project work will advance the use of reliable in-silico approaches in the field of human health and will significantly reduce the use of animals for research purposes. Please click here to get redirected to the official announcement of this challenge on the NC3Rs website.

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