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Kreatis - an alternative to experimentation for REACH - REACH alternative experimentation

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KREATiS platform and poster presentations at SETAC Barcelona

March 02, 2015

This year, KREATiS will present its work at the upcoming SETAC Europe meeting through the following platform and poster presentations:

High Accuracy QSARs for REACH – boosting the implementation of Good Modelling Practice? Presenting author: Faizan SAHIGARA (Platform presentation)

High Accuracy QSARs for the prediction of acute and chronic aquatic toxicity.

Presenting author: Paul THOMAS (Poster)

DAMIER – A research project for the development and application of high accuracy in-silico models for REACH

Presenting author Paul THOMAS (Poster)

Use of a holistic approach in validation: QSAR models versus experimental data                

Presenting author Pascal BICHEREL (Poster)

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