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Introducing iSafeRabbit – our new set of High Accuracy QSARs for skin and eye irritation

April 05, 2016

KREATiS and CEHTRA teams that won the NC3Rs CRACK-IT QSARs Mix challenge on eye and skin irritation QSARs one year ago presented their final work on the at the project closure meeting held at NC3Rs offices in London. KREATiS unveiled its Human Health HA-QSARs – iSafeRabbit models for both skin and eye irritation of single substances as well as the mixtures calculation plug-in. These models are able to provide qualitative (i.e. classification based results) as well as quantitative predictions for the skin/eye irritation potential of the chemical substances. The qualitative results indicate if the substance is non-irritant, irritant or corrosive, while the quantitative result is provided as a Simplified Irritation Index, a new scoring system (similar to PII and Draize scores but less complex while retaining very similar outcomes to the old methods) developed as a part of this project to quantify the irritation potential for skin and eye. The new scoring systems will be published shortly. The iSafeRabbit HA-QSARs service is currently under final stages of validation and will be rolled out to KREATiS’ clients by early June 2016. Keep an eye on our website for further updates.


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