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KREATiS Management buyout

September 29, 2020

L’Isle d’Abeau (38), France:

On 7 August, 2020, KREATiS SAS, a subsidiary of the CEHTRA group, underwent a management buyout. The spin-off by CEHTRA represents a strategic decision to:

- Empower KREATiS with total autonomy, including expanding its partnerships and accessing new sources of funding for its ambitious research program.
- Leverage CEHTRA’s consultancy expertise on behalf of its clients and continue to deliver industry leading solutions.

Xavier Dennery, President of CEHTRA said: "CEHTRA is proud of the progress made by its subsidiary KREATiS, which has now become a major player, and to which CEHTRA wishes all possible success. We are confident in the talent of the KREATiS team to enable it to carry out its many ambitious projects.”

Paul Thomas, president and founder of KREATiS who, returning to his passion for the science of in silico modelling in the service of human health and the environment, highlighted “the great adventure shared with CEHTRA for 12 years, which now continues in different directions. We are looking forward to putting all our energy into new and exciting projects in the area of alternative testing methods.”

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