KREATiS is a unique organisation offering you in silico ecotoxicology, mammalian toxicology and physical chemistry predictions to screen the hazards of your substance or to complete your regulatory dossiers or boost your R&D in the most time and cost efficient way possible using:

► Our home-grown, high accuracy QSAR models in the form of iSafeRat® Toolbox
► A comprehensive choice of third-party software to fill the remaining datagaps that iSafeRat® does not cover

The combination of these will help you to fill your datagaps with the best in silico study predictions available, meeting the 5 OECD principles for the validation of QSARs and regulatory format requirements for a host of dossier submissions and updates notably for REACH and CPSR, ICH M7, Medical devices, but increasingly for aspects of Plant Protection Products and Biocides.

And most recently, we have developed a unique set of tools to discern the potential, or lack of it, for organic chemicals to have Endocrine Disrupting properties.



Validated High Accuracy QSARs to replace experimentation.

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Research projects

International R&D projects, Proposal writing, Publications.

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In silico consulting

Support with third-party tools for endpoints not covered by iSafeRat®.

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Training support

Introduction to QSARs; OECD QSAR Toolbox; Third party models.

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Piliers iSafeRat

MechoA (Mechanisms of Action) is a decision tree based product designed and offered by KREATiS as freeware to help you predict the toxicity of organic chemicals. It uses 2D structural activities related to Molecular Initiating Events (MIE) to predict alerts. To use the freeware, create a free account in iSafeRat online by clicking on this link. To find out more about MechoAs and how they work, see below


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