What makes KREATiS training different?

All KREATiS training courses are intensive and hands-on. You will get to use the software and will have ample time to work through examples. For this reason, only small groups (maximum 5) are trained at a time in order to allow sufficient time for personal supervision of progress of each individual. For on-line training by video conferencing a maximum of 3 individuals can be trained due to the technical constraints of learning at distance. The courses can be provided in English or in French.

Please note that company specific issues can be included in training but only for intra-company training sessions for a minimum of 2 trainees. In this case you can provide us with case studies that we will integrate into the training session. These courses can be tailor-made in terms of content, timing, number of sessions. As a consequence, the price of these sessions needs to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

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These training sessions are designed for trainees from different companies. Please let us know if you prefer intra-company training. In such case there must be a minimum of two persons attending and the content and price will be determined on a case by case basis.