KREATiS is regularly involved in R&D projects to increase our understanding of the science and to propose solutions to regulatory challenges using a combination of experimental and in silico approaches. Below is a list of some major projects that we have been, are or hope to be involved in:


Developpement et Applications des Modeles InformatiquEs pour REACH
Duration: 3 years(2014 - 2017)


Compartmentalised Risk Assessment for Natural Complex Substances
Duration: 18 months(2015 - 2016)


Compartmentalised Hazard Assessment for NCS2
Started September 2020

NC3Rs CRACK-IT QSARs Mix Challenge

Duration: 12 months(2015 - 2016)


Member of the HOLICHEM H2020 project consortium
submitted January 2021


COSMetic products EcoTOXicity

COSMETOX project aims to study ecotoxicity and biodegradability of cosmetic products which are complex substances incorporating many ingredients. Moreover, these ingredients are sometimes even mixtures of different chemicals, the essential oils for instance. In this project, KREATiS and the LIEC (Laboratoire interdisciplinaire des environnements continentaux) from Université de Lorraine decided to join forces to propose an approach combining modelling and laboratory experimentation. The project is thus structured around 2 poles:

  • The "experimentation" pole, led by the LIEC, in charge of carrying out ecotoxicity and biodegradability studies.
  • The "modelling" unit, managed by KREATiS, in charge of developing a predictive calculation method that can anticipate the toxicity of finished cosmetic products.
As European regulation on cosmetic products prohibit tests on vertebrates, COSMETOX project will study the short- and long-term ecotoxicological effects on 5 aquatic non-vertebrate organisms.

Duration: 3 years (2021-2024)