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Toxicologist, PhD

Type de contrat: Permanent contract

Localisation: KREATiS SAS, 23 rue du Creuzat, 38080 L’Isle d’Abeau, France

Date de début: ~03/07/2023

KREATiS is searching for a mammalian toxicologist who recently obtained a PhD to effectively work on in silico models aiming to predict the hazard of chemical substances on human health. After appropriate internal training, you will work in teams with our experts from different scientific backgrounds (chemists, toxicologists, chemo-informatics) to further develop our in silico models. The candidate will also work on client projects by writing detailed, high quality reports which could be used to ensure chemical safety of workers and consumers. Once the in silico tools have been sufficiently mastered you may be involved in the training of clients to help them use them. You may also be involved in the preparation of research proposals.



KREATiS is a Research & Development society focused in the development and use of in silico methods. KREATiS is recognized as one of the most promising start-ups for prediction of physicochemical and (eco)toxicology endpoints. This was notably acknowledged during the 2020 challenge organised by Hello Tomorrow on behalf of Bayer as KREATiS reached the first place among 124 other start-ups. Via the local project Cosmeboost, KREATiS is actively involved in chemical safety of cosmetic packaging made from plastic.

KREATiS collaborators are international and multidisciplinary, all motivated to understand mechanistic interactions between chemical matrices and biological systems in order to quantify the impact on human health and environment.

We are based in a nice suburban area located close to Lyon, while not far from Grenoble, near neighbouring countries (Switzerland, Germany and Italy).


Your profile

If you are rigorous, motivated to solve complex problems by implementing innovative solutions, if you are autonomous but also attracted by teamwork, please, do continue reading to discover the required qualifications.

-          Must-have:

First, you must have a PhD diploma in toxicology obtained from an European university. In case you don’t, your application won’t be considered.

Secondly, you must share our vision described above. If you are motivated by the search for scientific truth with an interest for in silico technology, this position might be the one you are seeking.

Thirdly, you must live in Lyon area or in the north of Isère. Our office is located about 30 kilometres away from Lyon (accessible by train). Remote working is possible 2 days/week, but our wish is that employees are present on site several days a week.

Finally, you must have a good level of English (written and spoken) paired with sharp skills in scientific communication.


-          Nice-to-have :

Mastering the French language is not a must-have, but it would help and you should be ready to learn it.

A bonus would be a practical knowledge of the OECD QSAR Toolbox, mastering advanced Excel function, skills in statistics and/or modelling, and ideally, in programming (python, C++, R or others).


Do you feel this work job was made for you?

Please send your resume to Dr Carole Charmeau, CEO of KREATiS at


Another job position will be available as "in silico consultant in toxicology": please send your CV to Carole CHARMEAU if you possess a Master's in toxicology.