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POSTED 2022-10-04

The ICT congress on toxicology - Feedback

👉 The ICT congress on toxicology in Maastricht can certainly be qualified as a success. Rather clement weather, quality food both inside and outside the congress, the beautiful city of Maastricht as well as the impressive conference centre, all contributed to the experience.

👉 KREATiS was one of 70 exhibitors this year and the proximity of both posters and conference halls meant that there was a constant flow of visitors to the stand. Furthermore, KREATiS’ contribution of topical posters on 3 of our in silico NAMs (skin sensitization, Acute Toxicity Estimates and a 3D model for ED receptors) met with great interest from industry, regulators and academics alike.

👉 The importance of Artificial Intelligence (or “Augmented Intelligence”, as one presenter put it, which is perhaps a more appropriate interpretation of the acronym “AI”) is clearly growing, and KREATiS is proud to be a contributor to this major future field.