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POSTED 2022-11-08

Lesson of the Master's 2 Degree TES of Paris City : " introduction to (Q)SARs"

👉 On Thursday, 3rd November 2022, one of our model developers, Franklin Bauer, gave a half-day lesson to the students of the Master’s 2 Degree TES (#Toxicology#Environment#Health) course from University of Paris City.
👉 The topic of the course was an introduction to (Q)SARs, to help these future #toxicologists to understand and learn to use in silico techniques such as #QSARs, structural alerts and Read-Across, especially to ease the hazard assessment process and to reduce the amount of animal experimentation.
👉 The presentation was greatly appreciated and we hope it will be useful for their future careers. Thanks to Armelle BAEZA, in charge of this Master’s Degree, who sent us the invitation.