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POSTED 2023-07-10

KREATiS tackles biodegradability assessment of complex mixtures

BREAKING NEWS: KREATiS tackles biodegradability assessment of complex mixtures


  • FACTS :

Analysis of Ultimate biodegradation (i.e., mineralization to CO2 and water) of substances is a complex process.

Regulatory interpretation of such biodegradability when related to mixtures adds yet another layer of complexity and yet such information is important for environmental impact assessment of complex mixtures of down the drain chemicals such as personal care products (including cosmetic products).



KREATiS has designed a model based on a published method modified to predict biodegradation properties of complex mixtures!

To identify the most likely outcome, , our approach is based on internally validated experimental data and on models when no data are available.

We estimate :

  1. The % of readily biodegradable fraction of organic ingredients in the mixture
  2. The % of readily biodegradable including inorganic ingredients in the mixture
  3. The % biodegradation of the mixture that would be obtained if an experimental study was performed