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POSTED 2020-11-03

Newsletter November 2020

Dear friends and collaborators,

This special edition of our newsletter will summarise recent events and achievements involving KREATiS over the last year. The year 2020, despite the unfortunate turn of events experienced across the world, has clearly not diminished the desire of companies, regulators and academics alike to advance our understanding of intrinsic properties of the molecules we produce and use on a daily basis. Quite the opposite, it has perhaps highlighted the fragility of our globe and pushed us to take more care in the way we assess cost and benefits to human health and environmental.

In brief, the last 12 months have been remarkable for KREATiS. During this time (and most recently) we have become a truly independent, privately owned, R&D organisation, perhaps the only one of its kind on the planet; we have received OECD recognition of the MechoA profiler which is currently being included in the OECD Toolbox; we have recruited a 3D modeller and invested in super-computer hardware to boost our digital revolution technology; we have worked on a battery of tests to provide strong evidence of the potential for endocrine disruption (or indeed, the lack of it!) in a diverse range of organic molecules; and won an exciting challenge open to start-ups across the globe. Last year we rolled-out and have tirelessly continued to work on our new desktop version of iSafeRat®, which has now become the mainstay of our High Accuracy QSAR modelling suite; and still on the desktop version, we have just released the biggest update ever on the iSafeRat® software. For the rapidly increasing number of you who have become iSafeRat® Desktop users, you will have automatically received the new downloadable version 2.0.10. Finally, we have continued to collaborate in research projects and diverse publications in both environment and human health. 

Discover more details in the PDF below!