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POSTED 2021-11-24

SETAC Europe 32nd Annual Meeting 15-19 May 2022

We are excited to let you know about a session at SETAC Copenhagen 2022 :

Computational new approach methods (NAMs) supporting regulatory decision making for chemical safety | co-chairs Geoff Hodges, Carlie LaLone, Paul Thomas, Mark Bonnell 

The session sits under track 1: Ecotoxicology and human toxicology: from molecules to organisms, from omics to in vivo https://europe2022.setac.org/scientific-programme/tracks-and-sessions/

The session will provide a forum for researchers and regulators to share and discuss the latest thinking and developments in computational NAMs approaches supporting chemical safety assessment. Case studies which involve the integration of more than one computational approach are also encouraged including mode and mechanism of action (Q)SAR/ QSPR, structural alerts and chemical profiling as well as AOPs and bioinformatics tools (e.g., SeqAPASS, EcoDrug, phylogenetic workflows) for predicting the taxonomic relevance and extrapolating knowledge across species. Case studies involving ML and Deep Learning are also encouraged.

We invite you to submit an abstract to this exciting forum. Deadline for submission is Wednesday 1 December 2021, 23:59 Central European Time. https://europe2022.setac.org/scientific-programme/abstract-submission/

We look forward to seeing you there.