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POSTED 2022-03-30

Science approach document - ecological risk classification of organic substances version 2.0 (ERC2)

Below, a web link for the recent Government of Canada web publication of the Science Approach Document Version 2.0 of the Ecological Risk Classification Approach (aka ERC2). presents the ERC2 approach and the results of its application to approximately 12,200 organic substances from the DSL that did not meet criteria for further risk assessment following the 2006 categorization exercise. The Canadian approach is a high-throughput integrated approach to testing assessment (IATA) method, as it uses many sources of “alternative data” (also known as new approach methodologies or NAM) such as in silico, in #chemico, and in vitro data to complement traditional in vivo sources and to provide evidence for #risk classification. We are delighted that they chose to use the KREATiS #MechoA tool and the #iSafeRat® platform to contribute to the NAMs used in their approach.

Science-approach-document-ERC2.pdf (canada.ca)