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POSTED 2022-09-01

GoodBye Pascal !

👉 It is with bittersweet sentiments that we say farewell to our longstanding colleague and senior #ecotoxicologistPascal Bicherel.
Why bittersweet ?

👉 Well, “bitter” because Pascal was one of the first to join #KREATiS (as a trainee and then immediately afterwards as an employee). And he has built his experience, honed his modelling skills, grown his client responsibilities, and generally become a recognized part of the growing #NAMs community. And alongside that he developed his passion for patisserie and cake baking which he regularly shared. And he will be sorely missed by all of us here in KREATiS !
👉 But, “sweet” because we’re delighted to announce that Pascal will move on to higher education to learn about other areas that KREATiS and some of our clients are also interested in. He will be starting a Masters in Neurosciences at the University Claude Bernard in Lyon 1.

👉 The intention is that he then moves on to a Ph.D in the area of olfaction, another fascinating discipline which has much in common with the receptor binding projects we’re currently working on.
👉 So, Pascal, we’re all proud of your achievements here and wish you all the best in your endeavour to reach new heights. We’ve already reserved a rendezvous for you with KREATiS in a couple of years’ time…